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Lehigh County Bar Association Highly Recommends Patricia Mulqueen

PATRICIA MULQUEEN Rating: Highly Recommended During her interview, Ms. Mulqueen showed excellent demeanor, poise, humbleness, and ability that would make for an extremely effective, fair and highly respected jurist. Having served in the public defender’s office in Arizona and then the district attorney’s office of Lehigh and Northampton Counties for over 22 years, Ms. Mulqueen has the courtroom experience and extensive knowledge of courtroom procedure, the rules of evidence and examination of witnesses which will easily transition to the bench and all areas of the law that may come before her as a judge. As an assistant district attorney, Ms. Mulqueen has been threatened and spit upon, yet she understands the importance of staying calm and cool in the face of adversity to try to defuse the situation with difficult people rather than escalate the problem. While Ms. Mulqueen handled criminal cases for the majority of her career, there was also a civil component incorporated in several of those cases that gave Ms. Mulqueen an understanding about the civil and domestic areas of the law. She understands that people’s lives are often affected by civil actions and family law issues and often observes legal arguments before the civil bench. The Committee notes that Ms. Mulqueen has an impressive resume, is bright and committed to the law and will be a quick study for those areas of the law with which she is not readily familiar. She also has already formulated a plan to quickly and efficiently get up to speed in areas of the law such as civil, family, and trusts and estates for any assignment to the civil bench. Her humble beginnings as the youngest of ten children

born to a Spanish-speaking family who migrated from Puerto Rico, and caring for elderly family members, will also bring diversity to the Court. She also has demonstrated a faith and moral code to show fairness and respect to all persons, regardless of socio-economic class, race or gender. Although Attorney Mulqueen currently serves the community in Northampton County, she resides in Lehigh County, has strong family ties to Allentown and Lehigh County and feels at home in the Lehigh County Courthouse, which she visits often. The Committee was impressed with all aspects of Ms. Mulqueen’s interview and believes she will bring a unique and valuable perspective to her work as a judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County. Accordingly, the Committee highly recommends her candidacy.

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