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FOP Bethlehem Endorses of Patricia Fuentes Mulqueen for Lehigh County Judge

FOP Star Lodge #20 announces our organization’s endorsement of Patricia Fuentes Mulqueen for Judge of Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas. For a candidate to receive our endorsement they must receive a two-third majority vote of our voting members. Members of FOP Star Lodge #20 met with Attorney Mulqueen and we were pleased with her commitment to judicial independence and neutrality. Attorney Mulqueen has emphasized her ability to be firm but fair when dealing with the people that come before her court. These values will help keep our community safe while enforcing the rule of law. Many of our Bethlehem Police Officers have worked closely with Attorney Mulqueen in her role as Assistant District Attorney and we have witnessed her professionalism and commitment to public safety. We would encourage all the residents of Lehigh County to join FOP Star Lodge #20 in supporting Patricia Fuentes Mulqueen for Lehigh County Judge.

Mulqueen endorsement
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